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Preludes                                        Chekhov+ Track                 Carnegie Mellon University                   Moses Garcia     
One For Sorrow                             Kyle                                    Manchester School of Theatre              Cheryl Martin 
I Hope They Haunt You                Chorus                                Carnegie Mellon University                    Lyam Gabel       
Park Song                                      The Student                       Carnegie Mellon University                    Samantha Toy Ozeas    
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot   Sigmund Freud                  Carnegie Mellon University                    Kyle Haden       
The Tempest                                 Stefano                               Shadyside Shakespeare                          Cameron King       
The Roar of the Greasepaint…    Cocky                                 Landmark Musical Theatre.                    Jon Rosen


The Quoarin’ Twenties        Lead                Jackson Eick


Treasure Island            Jim Hawkins            Adam Brett


The Quoarin’ Twenties                             Carnegie Mellon

Comfort                                                      Carnegie Mellon


Carnegie Mellon University BFA in Acting, 2022 

Acting: Barbara Mackenzie-Wood, Andrew Smith, Tony McKay, Kyle Haden, Ausar Stewart

Movement: Catherine Moore, Kaf Warman

Vocal training: Rick Edinger

Linklater Voice: Lisa Velten-Smith, Ausar Stewart

Acting For Camera: Randy Kovitz

Speech: Don Wadsworth, Gary Logan

Ballet: Jim Caton

Jazz Dance: Tomé Cousin

Alexander Technique: Lisa Levinson

Manchester School of Theatre BA Acting (Hons), Semester Abroad

Training Includes: Acting for Camera (Carla Henry, Eliane Hawley, Graeme Hawley), Acting (James Nickerson) Improvisation (Javier Marzan), Shakespeare (David Salter), and Devising (Cheryl Martin)

Special Skills

Guitar (4 Years), Singing (MT and bluegrass/folk), Facility with Accents and Dialects (RP/British Southern
Standard, Irish, Israeli, others), Basketball (12 Years), Shakespeare Scansion, Laban Movement, Neutral Mask
Training, Linklater Voice, Meisner, Suzuki Training, Viewpoints, Battle Tested Camp Counselor, Voice Range:

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